Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rye Crisps -- Variations on the rye theme

So today I tried a modified version of my quick rye bread recipe, which is proving absolutely outstanding. One potential benefit is that it's lower in gluten than the other version. Rye isn't gluten-free, so this isn't a gluten-free bread, but the other flours here are fine for gluten-free diets, so maybe this could be good for people who are looking to reduce their gluten consumption but can still have some in their breads. I'm only now learning a little bit about gluten sensitivities, since my sister, Ms Scrumptious, visited me a couple weeks ago.

Here's the ingredient list:

Quick Whole Grain Rye Bread:
* 2 cups organic nonfat milk
* 2 Tbsp. cider vinegar
* 4 Tbsp. unsulphured blackstrap molasses
* 3 cups rye flour
* 1 cup buckwheat flour
* 1/2 cup quinoa flour
* 1 cup rolled oats
* 2 tsp fennel seeds
* 3 tsp cumin seeds
* 2 tsp sesame seeds
* handful (about 1/2 cup) raw sunflower seeds
* 3 tsp. baking powder
* 1 tsp. baking soda
* 1 tsp sea salt

Follow the basic directions I outlined before, including the salt and sesame and sunflower seeds with the dry ingredients.

Divide the dough in half when it is holding together nicely after kneading. This recipe makes two loaves.

For a rustic round loaf like the one above (gorgeous for little open-faced avocado sandwiches) follow the directions for shaping it in my original recipe. For delicious rye crisps, excellent for a Southern-European-style mezze with eggplant caviar, olives, salty Bulgarian feta cheese, etc., press the dough into a small rectangular loaf that is relatively flat, about an inch thick.

When the dough cools, you can slice it thinly, and toast it or bake it for lovely rye toasts for parties. Mmmm. I need to work on getting the sesame seeds to stick on top, though.

I baked the little guys for about 12 minutes on each side to yield right around 25 crispies that look quite a bit like thin biscotti, only they're savory.


~~Louise~~ said...

Shame on me for not leaving more comments when I visit but, I just couldn't resist today. I'm not much of a baker but if I were, I would be referring often to this hearty, yet "savory" biscotti look alike.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Ms Heather said...

Goodness, thank you so much!! It's lovely to hear from you. And if you have any interest in baking, you might try it -- the quickbreads are MUCH faster and simpler than the yeasted breads to prepare.

Scrumptious said...

Yum, those look marvelous!

I just read a terrific book called Gluten-Free Girl (it's a memoir, and it's really well written and fun to read - I recommend!) and she has a bunch of GF bread and pizza-dough and pie crust recipes and I thought of you! I was borrowing the book from a friend but I plan to get my own copy, and then I will copy out the main bread recipe and send it to you and you can see what you think...

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