Sunday, June 22, 2008

Farm Fresh Eggs

Ms Scrumptious has finally recounted the adventure of buying eggs in the country around here in Michigan, a story I've been meaning to tell for ages. It delights me every single time I pull off the road onto the gravel drive behind an old farmhouse, wave hi to the cats and dogs and horses, and help myself to the eggs offered in a mini-fridge on the honor system. Thanks for sharing the photos and the story, Ms Scrumptious! And thank you so much for the wonderful visit, too. :)

(This has been an In My Box/Kitchen Empress crossover post!)


Scrumptious said...

It was my pleasure! The visit, I mean. Well, and the eggs, too. So yum!

The breakfast tacos we concocted with the eggs were so good I've been dreaming of them ever since. If the photos came out, I'll post sometime in the next few days about the over-the-top sequel I came up with yesterday.

Ms Heather said...

oh, mine too!!!

you know, those breakfast tacos were influential on me too. i have made breakfast potatoes TWICE since then, and i think i've made them three times over the course of my whole life. whew!

can't wait to hear about the sequel. xoxoxo